Lledo is a relative newcomer to the diecast scene, however its founder Jack Odell had made a much earlier contribution to diecast cars as he joined Matchbox almost at the start in the 1950's. Lledo was a brand of die cast toys, founded in 1982 by Matchbox co-founder Jack Odell and Burt Russell (Co-founder 2007). The factory produced diecast vehicles in Enfield, England from 1983 to 1999. Lledo was a reversal of Odell's own surname, a mnemonic devise from war days in the African desert so he would not forget his wireless call sign The Lledo companies first 6 models, subtitled, 'Models of Days Gone,' appearing early in 1983.

Lledo Days Gone

Lledo Days Gone


By 1993 the Range had increased to over 100 models. That same year Lledo launched a range of Post War Vehicles under the name, 'Day Gone Vangaurds,' howewer from 1996 these where but out as a seperate range and just called, 'Vangaurds, 'Although shipping high volumes of product, the company could not compete against low cost producers from Hong Kong and China who also entered the special promotions market with high quality products. As a result, Lledo went bankrupt in 1999, and the naming rights and model range were bought by Corgi which continued producing Lledo models in China until 2005, when the remaining models were merged into the Corgi Classics range.

Lleddo Morris 1300

Lledo Morris 1300 Estate




  • 1982 Jack Odell starts the Lledo company.
  • 1983 First Days Gone models launched,
  • 1993 Days Gone Vangaurds Launched