This section of the site give the History of the Life of Frank Hornby as well as the history of meccano. Starting with:-

Frank Hornby's Early Life

How this lead up to the idea of Mechanics made easy.

With meccano we needed to divide it into a number of subsections to make it practical. This can be difficult as Meccano sets where changing constantly, however there where some times of major change and also changes in colour of parts with these changes in mind we use the following periods which are used throughout the site:-

1901 - 1907 Mechanics Made Easy

Looks at how the idea of a construction toy became a growing business.

1907 - 1926 Nickel Period

A new company Meccano Ltd is formed, Meccano launches its largest set so far is No 7

1926 - 1934 Burgundy and Dark Green

The first colour is added to Meccano parts.

1934 - 1937 Blue and Gold Lettered A-L Sets

A time of change with new colours and rearranged sets. A sad time though as Frank Hornby dies

1937 - 1940 Blue and Gold Numbered Sets

Set are rearranged again but production ceases with the outbreak of war

1945- 1958 Early Red and Green

Post war shortages mean larger sets are delayed. Red and Green reintroduced though in different shade to the 1930's

1958 - 1962 Late Red and Green Period

Minor Changes in Sets and Changes in Packaging. Profitability starts to suffer

1962 - 1970 Themed Sets Period

Financially Trouble Meccano Ltd. taken over by Lines Brothers. New Colours and packaging in Themed Boxes

1970 - 1978 Blue and Yellow Period

New Blue Boxes along with slight colour changes. Financial Problems Mount

1978 - 1979 Last Days of Binns Road

Complete Reorganization fails to stem financial disaster.


The above and subsequent pages are just intended as a brief history with information taken from:-

The Toy Maker by Anthony McReavy

The Meccano System Compendium by Jim Gamble