Ask a boy in the 1950's or 60's what present he would like quite a number would say, 'A Meccano Set 10,' this famous meccano set was only introduced in 1937. In fact the Set 10 is not the largest set Meccano ever produced that honour fell to the set L of the range the set 10 replaced. Thinks are not that simple though, whilst the set L had the greatest number of parts, set 10 had a greater variety of parts owing to a number of part introductions during the time the set 10 was produced.

Blue and Gold Cranes

A Meccano Blue and Gold Cranes

Set 10 was not the only set to be introduced, out went sets A-L and in came sets 0 -10 although the colours stayed as before there was a big shake up in the contents of the sets partly to better utilize the flexible plates which had not been given there full use during the brief lettered sets period. It was more than likely that economics had a great part in this change. The world was just coming out of the worst depression it had ever faced. Set L sold for 400 shillings (£20) whilst Set 10 sold for 231 shillings (£11.55) thus putting the largest set in reach of much more customers. Effectively sets where moved down one with the smallest set of the new range being smaller than the smallest set of range it replaced, where the new set 10 was nearer to set K that set L . The result was a marketing ploy which made the sets look cheaper where in reality the customer was getting less for their money so the sets where actually more expensive a ploy that Meccano Ltd was to repeat just over 30 years later.

Blue and Gold Collection

A Meccano Blue and Gold Collection

Along with the new sets came new boxes and manuals. possibly the biggest change in models Meccano had made up until that time. Things where looking increasingly promising. Unfortunately World Events would encroach on Meccano Ltd. In 1939 Britain once again declared war on Germany. By 1940 the Binns Road factory was given over the War materials. Ironically the last item to be introduced by Meccano Ltd before the outbreak of war was a Mechanized Army Set.


  • 1937 Range Changed from letters back to numbers with the introduction of sets 0 -10
  • 1937 New Manuals introduced to accompany new sets
  • 1939 Mechanized Army Set introduced
  • 1940 Meccano Factory turns to producing War materials the supply of Meccano significantly reduced