1970 saw New Meccano Sets in New Dark Blue Boxes. In reality though these sets where not new. They where the same basic sets as had been organized in 1962 repackaged and with a minor change of colour on the flanged and plastic plates from black to blue. The set numbers had been reorganized too, Set 9 had been a poor seller during the 1960's most who could afford the Set 9 would go the whole hog and purchase the set 10. So this set was deleted. Set 8 became set 9 and was given a new wooded box, the rest of the sets moved up one so infact in the literature the sets looked cheaper where in reality they where smaller so more expensive.

set 4

New BIue Boxes with Colour Illustrations

What this change lacked in substance it made up in new manuals and models. Sets 1 -7 had new manuals with very much up date models. However what was so different was that these manuals where all colour. A colour illustration of the model along with colour exploded views that where shown with arrows indicating the order these should be built. However sets 8 and 9 where the same black and white manuals from the 1960's with new covers. The old sets 9's exploded models had been incorporated into the set 10 set of leaflets. The old 9 models where exploded 1960s style manuals however the true set 10 models continued in the 1950;s written form.

70s colour manuals

New Colour Illustrations in Instruction Books

There where a few introductions notable a new multi purpose gear wheel in part plastic that could mesh at any angle and a new electronic control set,. This was put into a new 5ME set that replaced the power drive set, set 4M replacing the junior power drive set.


Events where again about to take hold of Meccano Ltd. Lines Brothers where having troubles in some of there traditional markets resulting in it going into administration in 1971. For Meccano Ltd another white knight appeared in the form of Airfix the plastic models company. These took over Meccano Triang and renamed it Meccano (1971) Ltd.


Airfix made no initial changes to the main range but started to introduce a series of special sets so that you had Clock Kits 1 & 2 (1972). Army and Highways Kits in 1973 and a Crane Set in 1976.

army set

Meccano Army one of The New Specialsed Sets

Despite these changes sales of Meccano continued to decline causing a major rethink during the late 1970's


  • 1970 New Blue Colour Introduced on Flanged Plates
  • 1970 New Blue Boxes replace Theme Sets
  • 1970 New Colour Manual introduced for Sets 1 to 7
  • 1970 Set 9 Deleted other Sets Move up one number
  • 1971 Lines Brothers Goes into Administration
  • 1971 Meccano Ltd bought by Airfix
  • 1972 Clock Kits Introduced
  • 1973 Highway and Army Outfits Introduced
  • 1976 Crane Multikit Introduced