With all the early Meccano Models one colour predominated Nickel Silver. In 1926 that all changed with the introduction of Pea Pod Green and Light Red to a limited range of parts as an experiment, advertised as 'The New Meccano". This must have been a success in that the very next year it was decided to introduce colour to most of the current list of parts however the colours where darkened to Burgundy and Dark Green.

pea green meccanoBurgundy and Dark Green Set

. 1926 Colours Left 1927 - 34 Right

Sets where tinkered with during this period with a few new parts introduced notably motor (Dunlop) Tyres in 1928 whilst in 1930 more Tyres and a Circular Plate amongst the introductions. This period was marked with Introduction of some special sets Aeroplane and Car Constructor had special parts resembling closely those of cars and aircraft to produce a more realistic model, whilst a new Elektron Set as it name suggests and electrical set along with Kemex a chemistry set was introduced.

carconstructormeccano aeroplane constructor

Meccano Car Constructor and Aeroplane

If anything this was a quite period for the main Meccano Range except for the introduction of colour and a few parts the sets contents where little changed from the Nickel Period however once again change was about to happen. The early part of this period was possibly the most profitable for Meccano Ltd, however the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the depression of the early 1930's took its toll on sales.




  • 1926 First Colour Parts Introduced in Pea Pod Green and Light Red
  • 1927 Colour extended to more parts and changed to Burgundy and Dark Green
  • 1929 Meccano Steam Engine Introduced
  • 1930 E1 6 Volt Motor Introduced
  • 1931 Frank Hornby Elected an M. P,
  • 1931 Aeroplane Outfit and 2 Clockwork motors introduced
  • 1933 Elektron and Kemex Sets Introduced