Following the end of World War 2 Meccano Ltd was very quick off the mark with the reintroduction of the smaller sets from sets 1 - 3. The biggest surprise was a colour change back to Red and Green but in slightly different shades to those of the 1930's. Over the coming years as more raw materials became available larger sets where reintroduced. By 1950 the supply was such that set 10 could be re released.

Red & Green Sets

Meccano Red and Green Sets from the Period

Despite the new colours the contents of the sets where by and large unchanged from prewar sets. The manuals also stayed the same except for the covers, which was the only part to show any colour. What may seemed unusual was that the 1930's blue plates have a cross hatching of gold whilst the new red plates where plain red. The manuals continued to show the cross hatching. However given the shortages at the time. Anything would have been welcome. This situation was gradually rectified. With new manuals being released along with Set 9 in 1948, a totally new set of manuals being released in 1954. Along with these manuals a small number of new parts where released notably triangular plates. These where added to the sets which where re boxed. Manuals where again changed in 1956 with a new yellow and blue cover showing a large crane, but the contents models where unchanged.


There was a number of other releases through this period. In 1948 clockwork motors where made available now manufactured at Binns Road whist the following year 1949 1 & 2 electric motors E06, E020, and E020R where back in the shops. Gears set A was introduced in 1950 followed by Set B in 1956.


In 1956 Meccano Ltd reached its peak of post war trading, possibly the best time it for the business since before the crash of wall street in 1929 and the following depression. Changes where on the way however so was the fortunes of Meccano Ltd.


  • 1945 Sets 1 -3 in shops in time for Christmas
  • 1945 Sets appear in Red and Green but different shades to 1930's
  • 1946 Sets 4 & 5 now available along with some spares
  • 1947 Sets 6, 7 & 8 now available
  • 1948 Set 9 now available along with new manuals
  • 1950 Set 10 released with pre war manual
  • 1954 New Triangular Plates introduced. New manuals and a revised range of Sets
  • 1956 New Range of Manuals Introduced