1958 - 1962 LATE RED AND GREEN

1958 Saw a revision to packaging and colours. However the colours where still in Red and Green but in much brighter shades. There was however an introduction of blue on some of the larger wheels. The boxes where changed again in 1959 to included plastic trays to hold the parts rather than the strung cards arrangement that had been used for some time. These though where very thin (plastic was still expensive!) resulting in the trays being easily broken. The boxes in red, green and white showed a model that could be made from the set.

set 5

Meccano Red and Green Set 5 from the Period

Building on the early gears set Meccano introduced the larger Mechanisms set in 1959. This was basically a larger gears set with combined with some other meccano parts needed to complete the mechanisms. Set 10 was now put in a 3 drawer cabinet


From a peak of profitability in 1956, despite tinkering with sets and colours sales of meccano started to fall though the late 50's and early 60's resulting in some major changes to come.


  • 1958 New Range of Sets Introduced with colours now a lighter shade of Red and Green
  • 1959 Mechanisms Set Introduced
  • 1959 New Boxes for sets with moulded plastic trays