This was a short period in the history of Meccano however it was an active one. Up until this point models where open in that they where mostly strips and girders. Most solid areas had to be imagined. However with the introduction of both Flexible and Strip plates at last models could be built more realistically. There was also the biggest change in sets since the end of Mechanics Made Easy name period. In a way there was a step back to that period with the reintroduction of lettered sets this time from A - L.. What is more the colours was changed from the Burgundy and Dark Green to Blue and Gold. This was the biggest reorganization so far of sets with effectively and extra set (E) being added to the middle of the range.

new gold and blue colours

A Meccano Car in the New Colours

It was a sad time though for Meccano Ltd. Frank Hornby had gone from clerk at Elliott's to the managing director of a multi national company, he had even become M. P. for the Everton district of Liverpool. His lifestyle was now such that he owned a large house in Maghull on the outskirts of Liverpool. However time was catching up on Frank Hornby, he was an aging man suffering from Diabetes, a business man who sold what would be considered a non essential item at the time of the major Depression and a politician with a full schedule. By 1936 this was taking its toll Frank Hornby became almost blind, a side effect of diabetes and developed a heart condition. Whilst his wife and now also his carer, Clara took a rest bite holiday on a Mediterranean cruise. Frank's health suddenly deteriorated. He was admitted to hospital on 18th September to undergo an emergency operation, despite this he died 3 days later.

frank hornby

Frank Hornby in his later years

It fell to his eldest son Roland to both tell his mother of his Fathers death on her return but also to take over the running of the company with another set reorganization, but one that would last almost to the closure of the Binns Road factory more than 40 years into the future.

Frank Hornbys House

Frank Hornby's Final House in Maghull Liverpool


  • 1934 Blue and Gold Colour replaced Burgundy and Dark Green
  • 1934 New Sets Introduced with Letters A - L
  • 1934 Flexible Plates Introduced
  • 1936 Frank Hornby Dies aged 74
  • 1936 Roland Hornby becomes Company Chairman