There Has been Products other than Meccano, Dinky Cars and Hornby Railways made at the Binns Road Factory both during Frank Hornby's Time and in Later Years, here is a list of them:-

1909-1914 Hornby System of Mechanical Demonstration

Mechanical Demenstration

Hornby System of Mechanical Demonstration

This was an educational set Frank Hornby had created for use in schools which included a 44 page manual, showing all dimensions in centimeters. However, it was not a commercial success and it was discontinued after five years. This was the first use of the Hornby name.

1922 -1925 Crystal Sets

Crystal Set

Meccano Crystal Radio Set

This was an early Radio using Meccano Parts but was dropped due to competition. This was slightly ahead of its time and if redesigned could have been a commercial success.

1932 -1941 and 1960- 1971 Hornby Speedboats

Hornby Speedboat

Hornby Speed Boat

These where actual scale speedboats that could be sailed on water powered by a a clockwork motor, claiming to sail 500ft with one winding. They where dropped during World War 2 but reappeared in plastic in 1960, they continued into the Lines Brothers era of the 1960's but where dropped on the demise of Lines Brothers in 1971.

1933 - 1939 Kemex


Kemex Chemistry Set

A Chemistry Set made up of 3 Outfits than sold in the 1930's

1960-1964 Bayko Building Sets


2 Meccano Bayko Sets

Meccano took this house building system over from the Plimptom Company also based in Liverpool. However it was dropped by Lines Brothers who could see the rise of Lego

1963 - 1967 Circuit 24

Circuit 24

Circuit 24 Sets

A slot car racing system a financial disaster trying to compete with Scalectrix

1964 - 1967 Cliki


3 Cliki Sets

Another House Building System that Lines Brothers preferred to Bayko, doomed to fail when put up against Lego

1964 - 67 Superskates

Super Skates Ad

An Ad for Super Skates

Adjustable Roller Skates that fits over the users shoe

1964 - 67 Hornby Hoverer

Hornby Hoverer

Hornby Hoverer

An actual working Hovercraft

1964 - 1968 Play Doh

Play Doh

Play Doh

This is still familiar to moist children today, the doh was made from an edible material and came with a push through moulder called a Fun Factor which pushed the dough through different shapes. These where made under licence from the USA, unfortunately the different laws in the UK caused problems and the concession was withdrawn in 1968 depriving the company of vital revenue.

1966 - 1969 Dolly Dressmaker

Dolly Dressmaker

Dolly Dressmaker

Sew it yourself Dolls Clothes

1966 - 1977 Jones Sewing Machine

Jones Sewing Machine

Jones Sewing Machine

Perhaps one of the best of the other products that Meccano made a Working toy sawing machine.

1968 - 1969 Playnts



A Colour Kit

1968 - 1971 Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

Puzzle Maker

Jigsaw Puzzle Make

Looking similar to a Vice this cut pictures into Jigsaws

1969 - 1971 Pied Piper Records

Pied Piper Records

Pied Piper Records

Meccano even ventured into the world of Records

1973 - 1974 Astrolite


Astrolite Ad

A Satellite Spinner

1974 - 1976 Sovereign Figures

Sovereign Figures

Sovereign Figures

Pewter Soldiers

1974 - 1978 Mogul Toys

Mogul Truck

A Mogul Army Truck

These large Steel Trucks and Cranes where one of the best Other products that came out of Binns Road

1975 - 80 Prima


Prima Ad

Plastic slot together parts designed for young children