Throughout the twentieth century model railway scales where getting smaller however not all where a commercial success. Prior to world war one larger scales such as Gauge 1 predominated. During the inter war years O Gauge was by far the biggest seller. Since the end of world war 2 the smaller OO Gauge has held the biggest market share. Continental HO never gaining the popularity of the slightly larger British scale. During the 1950's Triang introduced its TT or Table Top Scale just about small enough to build a layout on a table, however it was not a commercial success, Triang abandoned the scale in 1967.


A Hornby Minitrix Truck

At the same time as TT started production another company Lone Star launched a push along metal train in the small OOO or as it became to be known N Gauge at 2mm to a foot the scale was half that of OO. Lima produced the first electric N gauge locos, a British Version being sold by G&R Wrenn as Wrenn Micromodels.



A Hornby Minitrix Diesel Loco

However in 1971 Rovex came to an agreement with the German Trix company to make a British Version under the brand Hornby Minitrix. The models where made to Rovex specification. However sales never met expectations and the range was discontinued in the early 1990's.


  • 1957 N Gauge push along trains launched by Lone Star
  • 1967 Minitrix starts production at Wrexham
  • 1971 Trix and Rovex agree to launch Hornby Minitrix
  • 1990 Hornby Minitrix range discontinued